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Sevierville TN interior and exterior painting  | Cabin staining in Sevierville TN | Sevierville TN pressure washing

If you are looking for a quality, professional and affordable painting and staining contractor in the East Tennessee area then contact Who's The Boss Painting and Staining in Sevierville TN. Commercial painting to rental cabin staining, small jobs to big jobs, we can handle them all.

  • Licensed, bonded and Insured

  • Locally Owned and Operated with over 20 years of experience

  • Based in Sevierville TN

  • FREE onsite estimates within 50 miles of Sevierville TN

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Our service area includes: Knox, Sevier, Blount, Cocke and Jefferson Counties in East TN


- Full house or single room painting or staining

- Paint color and/or stain consultation

- Painting, staining, sealing

- Priming and lacquering

- Rough sanding and finish sanding

- Wallpaper removal and installation

- Smooth and knock down texture repairs

- Minor drywall repair

- Baseboards, crown molding, trim painting or staining


- Full house, rental property or business exterior painting or staining

- Paint color and/or stain consultation

- Priming

- Painting, staining, sealing

- Caulking

- Pressure washing for outside, decks, driveways, patios and walkways

- Minor deck repairs and deck staining



  • Remove items from walls, move heavy items and furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic sheeting or clean drop cloths

  • Cover and protect all flooring (wood, carpet, tile, vinyl, etc.) and HVAC vents with plastic sheeting or drop cloths

  • Protect counter tops, cabinetry, railings, fireplaces, etc., as needed

  • Inspect and repair imperfections, cracks, nail pops, etc., prior to painting or staining

  • Pre clean all woodwork utilizing tack cloths

  • Prime imperfection areas and new construction

  • Apply products as specified by the customer

  • Clean furniture and accessories are replaced to original positions

  • Floors are swept, mopped or vacuumed when project is completed

  • All project tools, equipment, and trash is removed from site

  • Final inspection walk thru with customer


  • Vegetation covered and outdoor furniture moved as  needed

  • Remove dirt, and grime by water blasting at low to medium pressure

  • Check surface areas and paint is scraped and sanded smooth as needed

  • Glossy enamel surfaces shall be scuff sanded for proper adhesion

  • Inspect and repair imperfections, cracks, caulking, etc., prior to painting or staining

  • Prime new and repaired areas before applying finish coat.

  • Apply stain and/or paint as requested by customer

  • Complete clean up performed, trash and debris removal

  • Inspect project and final inspection with customer

We Don't Leave The Job Until You Are Happy !

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